8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Animated TV Commercial

8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Animated TV Commercial

There is an increasing trend for businesses to gravitate towards using animation for their commercials, and for good reason too. This article discusses some of the more popular reasons why business marketers are doing that. If you aren’t one of these savvy folks, hopefully after reading this article you will be one of them.

1. ‘Live’ adverts require actors and models, and they can be hard to schedule if they are popular. This can be a problem if they fall ill, go out of the country or busy with other assignments.

2. Popular actors and models can be expensive to hire. Some of their managers may charge according to where the advert is shown, meaning an extra fee per location.

3. Using actors and models may have many red-tapes due to consideration for their image and many concepts may not be fulfillable.

4. Actors and models are susceptible to popularity upheavals. Artistes are just humans prone to scandals and scandals can easily cause a wane in their popularity.

5. Animated adverts using animated characters on the other hand do not suffer from the above issues live TV adverts face. As far as a make-belief character is concerned, its popularity can be timeless. Just look at Fido Dido!

6. With animation, the sky’s the limit! Animation can achieve the most bizarre special effects and be presented in the most abstract environments without any worry about the logistics and possibilities. You can go as far as Mars or as high as the Heavens! You can make an entire city black out or make the Sun go nova! Go wild with animation!

7. Animation can be combined with live environments or actors to create a really cool commercial. But a ‘live-shot’ commercial is just that – a plain old boring commercial! Just look at all the cool mobile hand phone ads combining special effects with live elements!

8. Contrary to popular belief, animated adverts are usually cheaper to produce than ‘live’ adverts if you deal directly with the animation house and not through a third party like an advert agency. Many times, advert agencies sub-contract the work to animation companies and utilize their concepts instead of coming up with their own, charging a fat fee for their ‘trouble’! As you can imagine, the charges of an animation company alone without the intervention of an advert agency can be much lower, and in many cases more affordable than a ‘live’ advert.