How Animation Can Help Sell Products and Services

How Animation Can Help Sell Products and Services

In my work I have many clients ask me what 3D animation can do for them. I always tell them – loads.

3D animation is really one of the most versatile sales presentation medium available to a business and if harnessed well, can mean an increase in sales for any product and business.

Many marketing managers did not learn the power of using new media in school. The lecturers were usually more familiar with traditional marketing media like live-action TV commercials and paper adverts because when they were younger, that’s all they had. But nowadays, there’s the internet as a new media. Internet marketing automation is a whole different knowledge all by itself and that’s not being taught in most schools. And most certainly most marketing courses do not teach how to use multimedia and animation to help sell a product or a service. So they rely on boring powerpoints and paper hand-outs. Yawn.

If animation is used effectively, it can help demonstrate a product’s or engineered system’s full potential, far beyond what a powerpoint or hand-outs can achieve. I’ve listed some of the benefits and applications below:


– Demonstrate how your product works without having to set it up or lug it about
– Create an upmarket feel of the product or service and justify a premium price
– Make a product or service more attractive, sexier and dynamic looking, and enhance its perceived value
– Give a boring system a visual boost through exciting graphics and animation
– Dramatize boring information and data
– Make anything look cutting edge and state of the art
– Create something that can never be achieved through live shots


– Show how your product or service can be applied to a problem
– Show the internal components of a complex product
– Bring the client on a tour of a facility or property using 3D animation
– Show how a product interacts with its customers
– Show how a very complex system works through animated sequences and diagrams
– Showcase a product or facility that has not yet been built
– Show several consecutive operations of a system or assembly line
– Show various negative scenarios that can be resolved through the use of your product or service
– Zoom into a microscopic detail of a product or its component
– Show each stage of a planned development clearly
– Show how something like a medical device interacts with the human body

If you are looking for a way to enhance the presentation for your product or service, using 3D animation is the way to go. Smart companies are using it to secure major contracts in their fields, and you should too. If any of the above ideas sound exactly like what you could use, contact Mediafreaks today to use this powerful marketing tool to turbo-charge your presentations and marketing campaigns.