How Animation Can Help Sell Products and Services

In my work I have many clients ask me what 3D animation can do for them. I always tell them – loads. 3D animation is really one of the most versatile sales presentation medium available to a business and if harnessed well, can mean an increase in sales for...

Character Licensing for Your Product? Forget Mickey and Bob!

If you manufacture toys and apparels for kids and young adults, then you may have at some point in time thought of licensing a cartoon character to use on your products. Such a licensing deal involves you licensing the rights from the owner of the cartoon...

8 Reasons Why You Should Use an Animated TV Commercial

There is an increasing trend for businesses to gravitate towards using animation for their commercials, and for good reason too. This article discusses some of the more popular reasons why business marketers are doing that. If you aren’t one of these savvy...
The Process of 3D Animation

The Process of 3D Animation

Many people are confused when they see the word ‘3D’ tagged on in front of the words ‘Animation Studio’.
Although animation has been with us for as long as a few decades now, the concept of animation still seem pretty much magical to the layman.

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